Luxury Shopping Ideas for Summer

Not every product launch in summer has to be sandals, billowy tops or beach blankets. Case in point: fashion, home décor and beauty brands are introducing great items that speak to a wide range of settings—and not just ones near a body of water.

From Tokyo streets to ’80s-themed dance halls to basketball courts, some of the most eye-catching shoes, bags and other off-duty essentials this season extend beyond the sand and surf. That said, this wouldn’t be a summer shopping guide if it didn’t include some swimwear and beach jewelry, too

Rainbow Bright

Louis Vuitton is seemingly taking a page from Rainbow Brite, the doe-eyed, technicolored cartoon character that took over the airwaves in the 1980s. This month, the luxury firm introduced its New Wave Bag collection, and the comparisons between it and the costume of the magical heroine are rife. From the array of bold colorways that the saddle bags comes in to the quilted ripples on the surface to the rainbow silkscreen logo on the shoulder strap, Louis Vuitton is bringing joy and fantasy to store shelves—much like Rainbow Brite did several decades ago.

10 Luxury Shopping Ideas for Summer 2018

Sunny Side Up

Christofle is encouraging everyone to put all their eggs in one basket—or in this case, all their eggs in one egg. This summer, the Parisian company has expanded on its Mood silverware and coffee collections with Mood Nomade, a portable assortment of utensils, porcelain dishes and glassware that are incased in a silver ovoid with cherry red leather handles. Crack open the set and enjoy a chic jaunt to the park on a sunny day.

10 Luxury Shopping Ideas for Summer 2018

What A Stud

Jennifer Fisher is striving for sustainability. The jewelry designer has partnered with Diamond Foundry—the San Francisco-based, self-professed leader in real sustainable diamonds—on a collection of eight mismatched diamond studs.

“To align with Diamond Foundry’s unique production methods. I wanted to make something non-traditional,” Fisher said in a statement. “I see these studs as a bit more modern, and intended to be worn mismatched. The studs will be sold as singles and no stone is alike.”

10 Luxury Shopping Ideas for Summer 2018

Tokyo Story

Taking a trip to Japan this summer? Make sure you visit the National Art Center, where Hermès has unveiled “Avec Elle,” an exhibition that showcases the French brand’s Fall 2018 collection through the lens of filmmaker Laure Flammarion. Here, different sets have been constructed and a script is on hand that allows guests to partake in cinematic experience and tell their own Tokyo story—albeit with a Parisian twist.

But if heading to the Nippon nation isn’t in the cards this season, get your hands on the brand’s Mosaique bag, which imbues the Film Noir-esque quality of Flammarion’s mise en scène.

10 Luxury Shopping Ideas for Summer 2018

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