Health, Wellness and Balance After 50

Good health, what does that mean? It means different things at different times in your life. Having a strong healthy body is assumed in your 20’s. By your 30’s, you begin to see you can’t take things for granted and may pay a little more attention to your diet and how much exercise you get. […]

The Five Basics of Mental Health & Wellness

Whether you’re on top of the world, in a deep, depressive funk, or floating comfortably down the middle of the road; achieving and maintaining mental health and wellness gets down to five basics: A healthful diet, adequate sleep, regular exercise, proper medical care and social-emotional connections. Let’s look at each of these basics in greater […]

Women’s Health & Wellness Issues

As a woman, it is very important that you educate yourself in every facet of women’s health, because it covers a broad spectrum right from general health down to the narrower focus of reproductive health. Women’s health is a big issue from pregnancy to infections, to infertility When it comes to health, men and women […]